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…again. 🙂 It’s an interesting ride, you know – here’s a novel that most of us have read (and some even enjoyed) as undergrads and yet not many return to it. Why not? It’s not difficult language-wise, even with the voseo and references to places in Buenos Aires. It doesn’t have a particularly complicated plot

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A couple of months ago I sat in the British Library enjoying a very simple pleasure – reading. The book in question: a Fondo de Cultura Económica collection of José Emilio Pacheco’s poetry, Tarde o Temprano. The book has all four poetry collections published by Pacheco in the 1960s – 1980s, plus some ‘free-flying’ poems which didn’t

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This is not the best news to come to on a Wednesday morning… Carlos Fuentes, one of the best known Mexican novelists of the Boom, died at the age of 83 – While his political views might be somewhat questionable (after all, he was Luis Echeverría’s staunch supporter), his literary talent is self-evident. You

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This space is for our thoughts, plans and ideas for the Association. It’s also a place for the founder to talk about related matters, occasionally rant and rave about literature, and ask strange questions (in the hope that someone might answer them).