La muerte de Carlos Fuentes

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This is not the best news to come to on a Wednesday morning…

Carlos Fuentes, one of the best known Mexican novelists of the Boom, died at the age of 83 –

While his political views might be somewhat questionable (after all, he was Luis Echeverría’s staunch supporter), his literary talent is self-evident. You might not like ‘La muerte de Artemio Cruz’ but you can’t help recognizing its value.

So tonight, instead of marking or writing, I’ll read. And you should, too. And I’ll look forward to tomorrow when we cross the river on horses.


2 thoughts on “La muerte de Carlos Fuentes

  • Sarah

    This was indeed incredibly sad news. Reading La muerte de Artemio Cruz is what inspired my interest in Latin American literature and whilst almost everyone I speak to in Mexico insists that Rulfo is ‘the great Mexican novelist’ I usually beg to differ. If one good thing could come out of this it would be that La muerte de Artemio Cruz, Gringo viejo and other Fuentes novels might come back in print. I have wanted to teach both on courses this year but it has proved impossible.

  • admin Post author

    I didn’t realise there haven’t been any recent editions of Fuentes’ work but you’re right!

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