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I’ve found this blog – bloggerofthebloggish – and would like to comment on it. It’s written by a young person and it’s not about Latin American literature but it is worth visiting.

Overall, I think a blog is a very good way of getting someone to hone their writing skills. This is particularly important for children and young adults, who often find it hard to express themselves in proper writing. In the case of ‘bloggerofthebloggish’, the author is expressing herself very well indeed. Her comments are ‘talking’ to the reader – it’s like reading one side of a conversation. She chooses excellent vocabulary; her spelling is very good, and her sentence structure and style is varied and engaging.

My favourite post so far is the one about her visit to the Space Centre. She obviously had a lot of fun! 🙂 Since I’ve never been there, it was very interesting to read about the things they have at the Centre. And the author made sure to point out what a child would be interested in, which is useful if you’re planning a visit there with kids.

Another interesting post that caught my eye is actually a series of posts about chemical elements. The author is obviously very keen on chemistry and learning about the periodic table. And she makes this learning fun for her readers, getting them to join in a discussion of ‘what’s good and what’s NOT’. 🙂

Since this is a very young blog, I don’t think there is anything to change yet. The author might want to sort her posts into thematic groups: a chemistry group is shaping up pretty well at the moment, as is a travel group. But all in all, a very entertaining blog. Well worth a visit.

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