Bloggish competition entry

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Remember me talking about this blog I had found? Well, I’m going to talk about it some more.

1. What do I like about it? Everything. I like the colour scheme, the ducks at the bottom of the screen. I like the row of smilies at the end of each post (the cat is my personal favourite). I like the way the posts are written – they are witty, well structured, fun to read. They show that their author is well educated (not every blog has a historical figure competition!); their author also knows how to SPELL! 🙂

2. What don’t I like about it? The fact that my favourite bit hasn’t been done in a while. I absolutely LOVE those chemistry posts. Bloggerofthebloggish, will you bring them back? Please? (insert begging smiley here)

3. What I would like to see on this blog is a section about books the author has read. Any recommendations? Anything to avoid?

And here is my very own chibi.


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